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About Literature / Artist Don DemonteverdeMale/Unknown Recent Activity
Deviant for 14 Years
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Don Demonteverde
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Santa Barbara
Favourite genre of music: High Energy Rock with lyrics that dig deep into my soul... (seriously) and.. Video game up beat BGM
Favourite photographer: Hmmm... Shira and Tara
Favourite style of art: Photo Shop & Maya
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Turtle Shells? because.. ... Ninja fucking Turtles!
Wallpaper of choice: Anime and Digital Art
Skin of choice: hehehe
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegal (Spikeoro)
Personal Quote: I'd rather be with you watching the earth crash to the depths of hell, than being in heaven with out
I guess I'm back.. yeah.. I am... wait.. well... no I'm not.


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darklyartistic Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2003
hehe Giggle actually nothing is really drawn it is all done the same way with my tablet, I just start painting the lights and darks, and it just comes together :D (Big Grin)
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2003
Hey! Welcome back!!!!!!! I am so glad you are back, because I have missed your interpretations, as always you are appreciated, and your comments also inspire me, so to you I am truly gratefull1
syragon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2002
...just on my holiday tour of deviantART...

Holidays wish you a very merry christmas! :) (Smile)
idiotsavant Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2002
Wanna know something cool.. the scottish pronunciation of my middle name is SATAN .. (spelled seton)
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2002
hey dont let that guy get to you. besides, he's a jerk anyway. :) (Smile)

have a good one!
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2002
hey thankyou so very much for your comments! So why do you always seem so very depressed, maybe you have a chemical inbalance. Anyway Christmas makes me happy as well, it is just filled with so much warmth, I feel that it creates a happy setting for most :D (Big Grin)
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2002
hey i hope you are having a fun thanksgiving weekend. i am but i dont know if i am ever going to look at food again. ah who am i kidding i am going to be a glutton forever.
talk to you later
golucky Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002
i'm always truthful :D (Big Grin) , at least, i strive to be! aha
and unfortunatly no, he did NOT call. so , i sent him an email saying that it was HARSH and that if he wanted me to take a hint, then i got it...loud and clear.

get this song if you have kazaa... i keep listening to it over and over again.
azure ray ~ sleep.

mmm...puts me in a somewhat better mood, and your messages of course make me smile because of how involved you want to become in my petty little problems :P (Lick)

golucky Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002
hey, looky here! another message from the lovely kellie ;) (Wink) two in one day! you are lucky hahaha ;) (Wink)
okay! so lemme get this stuff straight for ya...
i'm 5'5, he's like 5'7, 5'8 i dno, around there. and he's a year older then i am, but i really don't care about age. i'm not so mad about the whole one month thing, i mean, most people don't even keep track, but this meant something to ME so i let him know in advance and he still forgot [the jerky] so thats what pissed me off royally...
we MADE plans for tonight, but he had to cancel because he got in trouble at school and one of his teachers called home, and in turn, his dad got mad at him and took away his privileges for the night or for awhile at least...i actually cried when i heard that!!!! you don't know how badly i wanted to see him tonight Crying and he had to cancel at 7!!!! when he finally called. he said he'd called back,and now its 930 and i totally doubt his words. why do guys do THAT? IS he or is he not taking advantage of my niceness...gawd,guys tend to do that. they take advantage of ME because im too nice, and i let them get away with practically anything. it doesnt matter how much effort i put into 'us', into me looking good when i see him, all that effort is wasted when he breaks his godamn promises, and i PROMISED myself that i would set my life striaght and settle down with someone who was good for me, but i don't even know if he is good enough for me...i have high standards and i demand a lot[i know...] so i can't blame him for some things, but for the little things he just doesnt really makes me reconsider everything i've been doing for HIM. and no, i don't love him,i don't even really know him,and i don't know why i'm making such a big fuss about it unless i know full-well that i AM falling for him.

Bandaid needed to mend a crushed Heart
*sigh* what's a girl to do...
*cries* Lonely

i need some fucking coke. i need to lay off putting all my troubles and worries on you, when you have your so inconsiderate...please...disregard this shit i've been telling you.... Stupid Me! Depressed
golucky Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002
people look ugly raving...hahaha. oh that's so silly!
okay, here's my random rants on..well..everything.
right now, my hair is in two [count em',2!] french braids. why? because i feel like being cute. along with my lil blue teddy bear scarf, i'm really not feeling the 'sexy' today. haha.
yesterday was mine and jer's one month right, but ya know, knowing guys, they aint so smart...[only some! there are exceptions!] and so, i told him a week in advance that thursday was our one month, but he forgot. yeah, he said he had more important things on his WHAT?!?!!? it should be about me.!! [okay, so im a little selfish right now, but whatever...i need to be! i don't get some of the attention i deserve :( (Sad) ] another horrible aspect of us is...sometimes i think he's ashamed or even embarrassed to be with me in public [in front of his friends,at least...]because if i try to stand close to him he backs away, and he will not under ANY circumstances kiss me. nope. it's fucking ridiculous. it's LUDicrous! geez louise! you'd THINk he'd be attracted but i dnooo....oh well. im having 'stupid boy' problems and everyone i've told has been giving me different seperate advice, but i dunno, i just don't know what to dO! especially when today we're supposed to do something at my place. so... friend told me to 'play hard to get' and then..come to school looking REALLY really hot. so i did. and yet, he either ignores me, or doesn't see me at all. what the hell...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. sorry, im upset. and yes, im venting...oie.oie.oie.
in other, completely unrelated news, i'm fucking hungry. i had part of a bagel,and a sprite for lunch, and now its 130 and im starvinggggggggg. did you know i weigh like...110? i really should eat more. i'm 5'5..
and just WHY are there weird guys walking by my class every now and then!?!?!?! some lick there lips, or just stare, or actually come in. woahhhh dude.
okay..i really shouldn't write anymore, but if i think of something else i will come back:) (Smile)
thanks for [somewhat] listening to me nag...hehe.
talk to you later doll ;) (Wink)
[wish me luck for tonight!]
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