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About Literature / Artist Don DemonteverdeMale/Unknown Recent Activity
Deviant for 14 Years
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Don Demonteverde
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Santa Barbara
Favourite genre of music: High Energy Rock with lyrics that dig deep into my soul... (seriously) and.. Video game up beat BGM
Favourite photographer: Hmmm... Shira and Tara
Favourite style of art: Photo Shop & Maya
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: Turtle Shells? because.. ... Ninja fucking Turtles!
Wallpaper of choice: Anime and Digital Art
Skin of choice: hehehe
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegal (Spikeoro)
Personal Quote: I'd rather be with you watching the earth crash to the depths of hell, than being in heaven with out
I guess I'm back.. yeah.. I am... wait.. well... no I'm not.


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angeldevil Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2002

i wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comment, i think that was the best comment i have ever received, i was amazed by the way u felt my picture.... that was what i wanted, a picture that could show an emotion....

once again thank you

:) (Smile)
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002
hey don... i'm sorry that you are having a bad day. i'm trying to have a good one, but i dont think it's working so well. i'm really sick but i had to come to school today because of a sociology test. i've been here since 8am, and i have to stay until aorund 930 or 10pm. normally i would just go home but i have to be in a concert tonight. i have this really fast and long solo... i dont know if i'm going to be able to play it; my fingers are weak just from typing. i hate being sick. but it is a good excuse to slow down productivity. and sit in front of a computer with a glazed-over look all day. ahh .. time for more class... see you later don, i hope you are feeling better soon.
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2002
Rather interesting discription of my picture, and actually your guess and analysis is just as accutrate as mine. This drawing just sort of came out I guess, the only feeling that went into it was completely subconcious! Well thankyou for your comment and it now has the wheels spinning in my head once again :D (Big Grin)
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2002
ucsbah? Teacher!? hmm thats interesting. i mean i guess i never would have thought.... then again... aww nevermind. So... Momento. i've never seen it. i guess you might recommend that i should? i guess i will. after i get all this evil evil homework done. i'm going to justify my not working on it right this second because human beings are born to procrastinate. then again... my grades are slipping :( (Sad) i no longer have straight A's. i have two (thats right, Two) B+'s. i dont know why i am complaining though. my imperfect grades are my fault and no one else's (and i speak of this as if it's a big deal. i think i should get slapped). *sigh*... hey if david and i get married (and we will, muahaha), would you come to the wedding? keep june of 2006 entirely clear on your calendar just in case ;) (Wink) . eheehe well my mood suddenly changed in an annoying sort of perky way. i will talk to you later, take care.
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002
again you have captured the meaning, sorry you are having a bad day, oh yeh and I think the worried look is because she is afraid her hair will catch on fire since it is everywhere............... lol
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002
hey yo... i'm here at school just chillin. i know i should be doing something right now but i dont care. or even know what that "something" is." i just got out of bioanth. we got to play with human bones today. i know all the parts yay! *sigh* it isnt raining any more. it's just foggy and moist and Very cold. i'm wearing 4 shirts and a sweater, plus a jacket. my weekend was okay, but after i got home i slept most of it away. i saw the sun for the first time in a while this morning. which is to say, i saw daylight. the sun is always hiding lately.
daveed and i spoke last night. and the night before. he might come up to modesto, maybe sometime next month. whatever the case, i'm paying for his ticket. he seems to be doing pretty well despite the fact that he hates his job. we miss each other a lot though.
well i'm being kicked off of this machine (stupid people who have to actually do Work in the computer lab.. grrrr). i could go to another lab but i'm tired (couldnt sleep a wink last night). i think i'm going to go home. talk to you later don, take care
idiotsavant Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2002
u need to hangout on PLUSHMONKEY!!!///////// [link]
darklyartistic Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2002
Yes the red you were so right about, I really felt like red that day, if that is possible to feel like a color, well i did that day anyway. Yet the green shirt and her skin were a contrast from the red, and you picked that up right away!
As for the other work, the stone with the rope around it is supposed to be a I drew it crappy I dont blame you for thinking that, anway and the feather? where was the feather, and now that you know the stone is supposed to be a mirror, I bet it has a whole nother significance to you, well thankyou so much for your awesome words, wow, y our comments are just amasing, I love reading them, I can tell you are a writer :D (Big Grin)
fleurnubienne Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2002
hey don! i'm in the library of calArts right now. this place is so cool. my sister just gave me a tour of the place (the animation studio is great). i'm going to model for one of her friends who is in the fashion dept because one of the models flaked out. then i am going to see my sister in her recital later tonight. it isgoing to be soo cool. i love it here! :) (Smile) like wow, now i understand why she's been so persistently and annoyingly trying to get me to go here. man.... you monitor old people? does that ever get entertaining? or is it super depressing? *sigh* i Will be able to go to santa barbara sometime this year. maybe during winter break or something. but i wont stay for long unless daveed is there too ;) (Wink)
oh the rain.. and my cello... moisture warps the wood which warps the sound. plus the varnish gets all ufcked up.
heheh nocturnal syndrome.. you know it was hell trying to go to sleep in the same hotel room as my dad. he snores so loudly.... i couldnt even close my eyes until like after 5 or so. i watched old horror movies. the Blob. and Creepshow. hehe they were funny. but my eyes hurt. breakfast was good. smoked salmon etc. yum. okay i'm thinking randomly so i guess i will talk to you later. maybe we can have that formal conversation thing we were supposed to have. talk to you later donny-poo :p (Lick)
donny-d Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002   Writer
and Cameron would say: "YO! WHAT IT IS!?" so you're going to be in southern Cali... with your family and all... okay... hmm.. a while I used to be all like that.. and sometimes to this current day... sometimes... on certain occasions... yet someday you "MIGHT!" come to realize like myself that your parents well.. I'll stop here.. and maybe if we talk about our families I'll exchange words in a formal conversation with you... (it's more of a sentimental reason for myself...) well hmm sorry to hear about the rain problems you have.. though I like the rain yet... I apoligize on the rains behalf (rain, you're such an asshole sometimes) well... hmm your weekend.. bad... hmm.. sorry to hear that.. mine... not all peaches and cream... to sums things up.. I had a writers block for my poetry and school papers and what nots... family problems (though... EVERYBODY HAS THEM... well some do.)... what else.. extended family problems... and even problems... and more problems... and drowned... IN MY PROBLEMS... hmm I left something out.. oh yeah... PROBLEMS! hehe (hoped you laughed at that... I didn't)

hmm *question* why does the rain give you and your cello bad mojo? just wondering and figuring out a little bit of people's incite of life...

and this weekend... you stayed all day at home?... being in a room which I thought of a description being dark and gloomy... well... JOIN THE CLUB... except I don't call it my room... I named it my coffin... because of my "work" (can't really call it work...) I stayed up all night monitering old people... making sure they don't go for a sudden night walk and hurt themselves... I go to sleep at 6 am and awaken around.. the time the sun goes down... (sigh) gosh... I do have a nocturnal syndrome... I sleep during the day and awaken at the sight of night... and it's hard to adjust myself back to school time... well thobeka (damn I write ALOT!) have a good night... (oh and daveed... if ever you go on thobeka's page... and read this.. this part is my shout out to you :) (Smile) late Daveed)
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