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The Flame of Love... My Burning Heaven

Thinking of you is bad
Sometimes… it’s so good
For me to stop sometimes
I strongly wish that I could
Because I think of you all the time
I think of you at this moment
With each embraced thought
I grow heavy with torment
Because you I can’t have
Togetherness, I can’t obtain
The more I think about this
The more I grow insane
Just thinking about you
And how much I want to give
Because a moment without you
Is a moment… I don’t live
It’s hard to breath air
When it’s not your sight I see
And painfully I’m dying
When you are not with me
With my power to an extent
There still nothing I wouldn’t do
To show my love inside
That I have just for you
I think about you beauty
I think about your grace
I’d rearrange the stars
So they would image your face
Among the valley of darkness
Emerald skies would appear
And I’m only able to see them
When ever you are near
Like an eternal radiance of light
My caverns you’d break through
And the light still remains
Like my eternal thoughts of you
I think about you always
Within a single day
Yet the moment we meet
I wouldn’t know what to say
My mind is a blank
And I have no more will
Because you, within my presence
My body holds still
Sometimes your image
Can bring me so much dread
Yet… I’d want it to remain
Wandering through my head
Because my ethics push me back
But still I walk through
Because though you don’t love me
For I will always love you
A Poem about Love and how Love troubles me
reflector Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002
Many have tried to express how it feels to be in love. This is one of the more successful ones. Great Poem. And I know what you are talking about.
animepimp Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2002  Student
Awsome :D (Big Grin) I know just how you feel :) (Smile)
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September 29, 2002
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