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Each Second I wither
And painfully by the day
Ashes in the wind
Is how I fade away
I held myself...
In the palm of my hands
But it I slipped through
Because of the quick sand
The quick sand I’m in
Entitled… my life
With nothing much to live for
Except the need for a knife
So I may be able...
To let loose of these chains
The bounds of my blood
That run through my veins
They tie me down
And impede me from escape
Thus the reason why
I must always face my fate
The fate of depression
Till the moment that I die
So all I desire now
Is the relinquishing of I
Because in mindlessness I’m lost
With out tears that I am finding
I wish not to be found
Or return to my binding
The binding of life
Where I stand in the rain
With water drops on your faces
Is my eternal pain
I wish to be away
Or live not at all
I can never live...
Because my fates is to fall
With every life I’m given
It was... never meant to be
Life was never meant
For the heart inside me
My hallow heart
With its empty tind
My becoming of ashes
As I stand in the wind
No comment... but if you wish to, feel free.
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aural-autumn Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002
I love and enjoy the imagery of ashes in this poem..I am all about imagery. I feel this poem alot and it is really a smooth rhming peice...check out my stuff.....
gaston Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002
this is probably borne out of true dark sentiments and sincere emotions, yet because of "cliche-ish" lines and imagery, the resulting effect seems to become somehow forced and not as striking.

still a nice poetry though, it just doesn't grip me as much as i would expect from this genre.

later don.

adeptus Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002
yes im going to have to agree.
animepimp Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002  Student
Awsome poem. Don, You kick ass :) (Smile) , just remember that.
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