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Their faces I knew not
But souls they did bare
And the death upon them
Was timely unfair
Their lives, suddenly taken
In a blink of an eye
To only cause their loved ones
To painfully cry
Even I feel sad
Over someone I never knew
And I wish it not to happen
Especially to you
Because I know as my friend
You’re held in my heart
And many friends I have…
But without you… I’m apart
And if I know you not
Your death I’d still mourn
Because among this very time
With a soul you’ve been born
We may have never met
Or your name I never knew
But still it’s not a reason
For me to get to know you
I know death is natural
Death is as life
But why must someone take it
Or yourself with a knife
Life is like a plant
You should try to preserve
Because sometimes when it’s dying
It actually has reserves
But death flows through out time
From beginning to the end
But why take opportunities
For me to make a friend
Why cause the shedding
Of tears on a face
Why stop the loving
Of a loved ones embrace
Why take the life
Of someone else’s friend
Why destroy the fabric
When really you should mend
We’re all in this together
And we all have our parts
And all we have to do
Is for us to just start
A poem about those who die, who give up on life and why we should... never give up
reflector Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2002
A very nice and deep work. I share your feelings for loving life and wanting everyone to embrace it as well. Not to advertise here for myself (cause what is one more view) but I think you may enjoy looking at two of my pictures that are around the same feelings; Everlasting Peace, and Fragile Order.
gaston Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2002

pain lingers in this poem and nto even a hint of rhyme can disguise it.
nice poem... and i can so relate to the sentiments you express here.

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October 9, 2002
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