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Nemaless :icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
The Winded Tunes
The music seeps in
Filling in the empty space
That dead moment of silence
Engulfed in the grace
Flowing like the waters
So rapid and so cold
Sweet simple notes
I forever hold..
Deep in my heart
Running through my veins
Drizzles in my head
Like the endless rains
Of sorrow so dreadful
Ending it with a smile
Placed on so many faces
That reach up to a mile
Long and.. so sad
With each sweet filled note
That later rotten
To sink what's afloat
Stabled feelings
Contempt emotions
All to a stop
To later repeat motions
Undulating waves
Music.. sound
Rising up the dead
To level to the ground
Folk blues to a fade
And rainbows in my hands
The noise later fades
Like the sinking sands
Love never dies
Love never fades away
This is the song
I listened to today
Guitars chords enter
More music to be made
And before I knew it
The music fades away
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Remaining Ashes in the Wind
Each Second I wither
And painfully by the day
Ashes in the wind
Is how I fade away
I held myself...
In the palm of my hands
But it I slipped through
Because of the quick sand
The quick sand I'm in
Entitled… my life
With nothing much to live for
Except the need for a knife
So I may be able...
To let loose of these chains
The bounds of my blood
That run through my veins
They tie me down
And impede me from escape
Thus the reason why
I must always face my fate
The fate of depression
Till the moment that I die
So all I desire now
Is the relinquishing of I
Because in mindlessness I'm lost
With out tears that I am finding
I wish not to be found
Or return to my binding
The binding of life
Where I stand in the rain
With water drops on your faces
Is my eternal pain
I wish to be away
Or live not at all
I can never live...
Because my fates is to fall
With every life I'm given
It was... never meant to be
Life was never meant
For the heart inside me
My hallow heart
With its empty tind
My becoming of
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 4
Together in here
Their faces I knew not
But souls they did bare
And the death upon them
Was timely unfair
Their lives, suddenly taken
In a blink of an eye
To only cause their loved ones
To painfully cry
Even I feel sad
Over someone I never knew
And I wish it not to happen
Especially to you
Because I know as my friend
You're held in my heart
And many friends I have…
But without you… I'm apart
And if I know you not
Your death I'd still mourn
Because among this very time
With a soul you've been born
We may have never met
Or your name I never knew
But still it's not a reason
For me to get to know you
I know death is natural
Death is as life
But why must someone take it
Or yourself with a knife
Life is like a plant
You should try to preserve
Because sometimes when it's dying
It actually has reserves
But death flows through out time
From beginning to the end
But why take opportunities
For me to make a friend
Why cause the shedding
Of tears on a face
Why stop the loving
Of a loved ones embrace
Why take the li
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Taking two
My life
Deep blues and greys
while I listen to craze
not only in stereo
but in mental malaise
Look at the clock
as the toaster does sizzle
the frosting gets warmmer
as the blackberry's drizzled
I know why I'm here
to breakout and feel great
I feel like a burn out
at the young age of eight
With fury in fists
and contempt in my heart
I see my opponent
and rip him apart
Now being older
and mentaly alert
the women I've been with,
have left me in dirt
To search for the meaning
of what life will hold
I strap on my skates
feeling stronger and bold
Dripping of coffee
sweat from my neck
I do this for fun
and to get a paycheck
The search for love
is not tainted
I'm suck in a picture
as if I were panited
Back at the decks
click click click, click click click
think of my future
I now know my death will come quick
My friend wrote this to me... so I in return had a retorical poem... it wierd though... about my friend... the shit I've been going through.. I thought no one understands... or can ever c
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 1
The Truth of Today
I woke up today
And I saw the rising sun
I felt the warm rays
And knew my day was done
This is all the happiness
I will ever know
But still I continue
With suffering I will go
Sometimes I wish
That I didn't have to see
Everything today
And everything about me
I've suddenly gotten bored…
Of always having to live
Because I found myself empty
And I always have to give
A vicious abyss
Roams through my head
Causing me to feel nothing
Except my own dread
I'm sighing all the time
Because death… missed me
Everything about today
Must I be forced to see?
I close my eyes
But I can't because I'm tired
My friend said to me
"Dude, you looked wired"
And wired, which I was
Because of a past moment
Continues to go forever
Just to cause me torment
And I feel it right now
And it feels like cold stone
And the coldness on my skin
Reaches in my bones…
It feels as though
Someone ran me with a spear
And slowly I fall down
Catching my own tear
I fade out
And I whither away
Like I said before
I wish I didn't se
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Suffering No Need to Smile
Entitled: Suffering... No Need to Smile
Reaching in my core
Gracing my painful heart
I sudden felt your feeling
And I was torn apart
Reminded of my pains
Of so long ago
Aching and suffering
All of them you know
A poem I couldn't write
To express my sad fate
To compensate my suffering
Because it's too late
Because I was too afraid
Because I was sad
Because I'm always crying
Because I'm going mad
Mad about the world
Mad about my life
So mad that I
Want to end it with a knife
For only in death
Only in my sleep
I know my eyes
Would stop their sad weep
Because I regret seeing the sun
Come up every day
Then have to feel the light
Coming at my way
Because suddenly I'm reminded
That I'm sadly alive
Within the depths of the sea
I so want to take a dive
Because their I will drown
And forever I will stay
Just so I can avoid
Seeing another day
But then I remembered
Those who care for me
And why I loved them so
And them, I wanted to see
At that very moment
But I didn't understand why
Why I couldn't
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Nameless Love
Entitled: A Nameless Love
The dust of stars
Twinkle in your eye
With the green of dragon jade
Among my emerald skies
Your skin, white and smooth
Like island white sand
So soft to the touch
But not as soft as your hands
A blessed slight from above
A holy virgin arrow
Is your gaze upon me
Hitting straight to my marrow
The touch of your soft skin
Makes me lose control
It reaches past my heart
And touches my very soul
Your words like a song
From the heaven sky above
Each time I hear you
Again I fall in love
Listening to your voice
Like an angelic bell
The only thing that could extinguish
My raging flames of hell
Your mere presence alone
Can soothe all my pains
It caresses my aching heart
Like an April shower rain
I've always love you always
And thought about you all the time
But one thing I think about strongly
Is the fact you can't be mine
You're still in my thoughts
Tearing me apart
But I continue to love you
At the expense of my heart
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Bitter Love
I'm going insane
And it's all because of you
I'm blocking out the insanity
But still it runs through
The sadness and dread
Is filling up my head
And right now I feel
I'm living but I'm dead
This morning I've dreamt
That I loved someone
And though the dream is finished
The loving is not done
In the most painful ways
I'm slowing dying
Because I don't have you
I hear my heart crying
To long to touch
Your soft warm hands
How smooth it feels
Like holding white sands
Flowing through my fingers
Like my hands through the air
This insane love I have
I can no longer bare
I no longer cannot hold
The emotions I hide
But still I maintain
Staying within the dark side
Where my shadows dwell
And I wish not to love
But every time I think of you
I see white doves
The white doves are you
So graceful within me
Cleansing out the darkness
And mistakes I always see
But I know in my heart
That we could never be
But still I feel the beating
Of love inside me
And it's all because of you
Why my heart has to beat
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Dreams into Nightmares
No need to believe
When there's nothing around
A lonely fate I live
Eternally I am bound
With every morning I see
And every action of awake
I have this sudden feeling
Of myself in a lake
Escaping from a life
Of which I call a dream
Where each happiness I find
Is not what it seems
I hate this world now
I hate everything within
Just waking up with nothing
But the pain that seeps in
All I can do
Is fake a new smile
To negate all my pains
Even for a while
I hate having to awake
I just hate having to see
Another morning, another day
And then having to see me
If you look into a mirror
You either smile or fade away
Never had I smiled
And this happens everyday
I constantly feel nothing
Whenever I feel the sun
My life is nothing but a dream
That I can't even wake up from
:icondonny-d:donny-d 6 8
Sadness into Chaos
Destructive chaos
coursing through my veins
each ounce pumping
a great amount of pain
as my dread would echo
across the caverns of my head
already it's too late
already I am dead
so much to hold
to much on my hands
And my life slips through
Like the way I hold sand
slipping out fast
faster than light
eternal darkness I live in
the plains of eternal night
where my tears are shed
to the amounts of a sea
where great amounts of sadness
are held within me
blood is spilled there
and that blood is mine
yet death cannot even save
this poor soul from time
I am slowly dying
from sadness and despair
right now at this moment
it's so hard to breath air
sadness is felt
through places of my heart
overtaking me in a flood
yet tearing me apart
I can't even grasp
The sands of my life
I can't end it now
with the cutting of a knife
dying so slowly
with a head full of tears
and pains piercing through
with heat jagged spears
piercing through my chest
piercing through my soul
I care not for life
because I lo
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
I Can't Stop Thinking Of You
I love you in every way
There could ever be
Because a world with out you
Is a world, not for me
This world... already false
And still I'd say, "All my dreams come true"
But that only happens
If I were laying next to you
And if far distant lands
Are where you will be
I'd follow you there
To have a day with me
For I easier breath
If I were to hold you close
And never would I let go
Because it is you whom I love most
If we could just be friends
I know I would fake it
Because this lonely heart
I know wouldn't make it
From the skies of heaven
A heart suddenly fell...
Because a second with out you
Are eternities within hell
Everyday would be tormenting
But my heart would be worst
Because where the dagger runs through
My heart feels it first
So I need you in my life
I need you now with me
For I... had always needed you to love
Because my life... would never be
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 1
How You Affect Me So
I saw you again
And you're radiant as ever
Like the rays of the suns
You shine from your center
I may know you not
I may not know you at all
But still to this day
On bended knees I fall
You caused me to be weak
And I fall to the ground
Then, when I heard your voice
Twas such a pleasant sound
The way you are, the way you talk
Can only be described like heaven
Because with each visit I pay
You becoming more alluring times seven
Something about you I can not explain
Because I do not know who you are
But still every time I see you
Your radiance is like a star
Yet, when you touch a sun
You incinerate and die
But whatever I feel
My emotions I can't deny
Like a moth to flame
I'm attracted to your fire
With each moment you're around
The stronger my desire
To feel your smooth lips
To touch your soft skin
And if you wish I will embrace you
From your soul within
So deep it feels
Deep inside your heart
With the power of warmth
And tear galaxies apart
For I am in pieces
With every moment your away
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Though it hurts I still Smile
Words could not detail
Pictures can never explain
How kindness like yours
Can heal my broken pain
How tears that you shed
Can give people sorrow
And how your kind gentle words
Can give hope for tomorrow
With skin like the earth
So calm with grace
With exotic eyes to match
And beauty across your face
Gorgeous on the outside
Beauty found within
Beauty like a holy light
Surpassing your very skin
Reaching in to others
Causing them to smile
And give back a feeling
They haven't felt in a while
Sometimes you would even
Cause them to freeze
Just to feel your every word
Like a sublime meadow breeze
Your words are so still
With a voice from above
As if God himself was here
Giving his own love
I have so much depression
But it would disappear
When ever I here you speak
Or sense that you're near
You force me to smile…
I feel your comfort inside
And Shed one happy tear
Then I saw your face
And smile I would do
But not because you said so
But because you're smiling too…
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 2
Embracing the Pains of my Love
What can I say
I've fallen in love
And this love so pure
Like a flying white dove
That fly across the seas
As I would for you
Because there lies no actions
For you I would do
To please your every desire
And kiss your smooth skin
Because you even sometimes cause
God's angels to sin
With my respectable love
And my hand on your secret place
Our two souls connected
Through our romantic embrace
That very moment
As I held your heart
I find my last piece
Without you I'm apart
My love maybe lust
But it also has soul
Because a world without you
I swear I'd lose control
The things that you do
I sometimes cannot explain
How you calm my raging fire
When you happen to speak my name
You ease my aching heart
When you happen to pass me bye
And suddenly out of happiness
I then started to cry
I say this again
I love you so…
I will love you for eternity
Forever I will know
Never I will forget
Your essence and smile
Because you made me feel this emotion
That I haven't felt in a while
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 1
Sweet Loving Embrace
I've seen a harvest moon
I've seen a sun rise
But to have them without you
Would lead to my demise
Life and existence
Would no longer be
If you did not existence
Laying here with me
You are my soul
You are my heart
If you were never born
My life would never start
My soul purpose in life
Is to cause you eternal bliss
To caress every inch of you
And bless it with a kiss
Sometimes when I think of you
I think of our first time
The moment where I
Will taste you like wine
Every inch of your skin
So soft and so sweet
From the tips of your fingers
To the toes of your feet
I think about how we
Shall make sweet love
And to an occasion I rise
To the heaven sky above
Hours of passion
And two hearts as one
The next morning we awaken
To see the rising sun
And again I shall taste
The sweetness of your skin
I'll continue it for hours
Even though it's a sin
Tasting your love
Slowly tasting your soul
My tongue deep inside
Going out of control
Then I enter inside
With gentleness and ease
And I thrust wit
:icondonny-d:donny-d 0 1


-irony-inertia- by lame -irony-inertia- :iconlame:lame 1 2 The Sorceress by vk The Sorceress :iconvk:vk 81 112
in chriscrossed
highways of labor,
intersections deliver
most blessed visitations:
hear, see
: blush :
like a school boy -
i choke
i freeze
i stupidize*
when you
: stop :
and speak to me.
and all the things i've learned
from five hundred ninety
thousand leaves
of life / color / theory / letters / symbols
and ancient philosophy
all evaporate
when you look at me.
021017 1535
norwalk, ca
:icongaston:gaston 0 16
Urple Wall for don by animepimp Urple Wall for don :iconanimepimp:animepimp 1 3 Gungrave Guns - final model by animepimp Gungrave Guns - final model :iconanimepimp:animepimp 199 51
So this paper is my mission,
and I pick up this pencil
to jot down all the words
I cannot understand, which are devoid
of reason and doubt..
somehow my minds picks up
those hidden transmissions…
so I see those eyes of yours
are wandering all over me…
is it the way I cross my legs?
Or maybe the way my shirt puckers just so…
Or maybe it's just me..
this ring on my finger is so heavy,
it weighs me down…
so, I slip it off, and watch it fall…
an entire aura of certainty encircles you.
Yet it brings me down;
I'm insecure and
afraid to know the truth that lies
behind those veils…
everyday is forthcoming repetition;
that vicious cycle tearing me down,
down closer to the ground,
if only I could hear you
utter my name below your breath
once more,
a smile might lie upon these lips
and never resist to fade…
I just wanted to say a simple
'happy birthday'
but even that was too difficult a task
because when I see you watching,
I lose my vision,
and when you have your back to me,
:icongolucky:golucky 5 12
trans by delici0us trans :icondelici0us:delici0us 25 86
sweep me off my feet
Peering through clouded vision to a brand new world...
purple pink and blue shaded, shattered haze,
a daydream through my eyes;
the ice heavy with moisture, drips incessantly,
the trees, completely bare-boned and gaunt,
feeling dead although everything's alive around me...
the sweet aroma of spring and summer,
a careless reaction, i close my eyes;
a soft whistle escapes these lips
indecision hung heavy in the air,
I can hear you, but you're not here..
I can touch you... feel your warm skin cover mine
whole and cold..
brush up against me and place your lips on my neck..
then you will know
I wonder whether its just me, or am i falling?
I feel renewed like a flower after the rain has poured,
like the beginning of the end..
your words reach out and touch me
like a gentle finger trace down my spine
it causes me to shiver instinctively..
all because you have crawled under my skin
and shown me happiness through your eyes...
:icongolucky:golucky 1 4
they dont do you justice
the calm waves don't do justice
to your soothing words,
nothing can replace the
feeling your eyes give me.
the coldness evaporates,
and your heat in place
cleanses my constant
sorrows and fears.
Instead of the sun setting,
the moon rises,
and the stars play
a moonlight sonata across
a beam
flashing in your eyes.
Heat is rapid fire and spreads
across your hand,
and I no longer believe
that there is anyone else around
eyes' flutter shut
you are against me, and
our chemistries' combining,
melting together
to form one.
tingling from the slightest movement...
do you feel it?
moving around you, and
all at once I've found my place.
the fiery remenants are still with me,
but what to do when you are gone?
contain the fatal attraction, and
grieve silently, 'til at once I can see
your lips part in a curve,
my words are lost there.
on the tip of my tongue...suddenly
the everlasting moment has reached it's
destination; brief...cut short...
I fall apart at the seams,
am cold once more, fo
:icongolucky:golucky 1 6
Fluid Architecture by jedeye459 Fluid Architecture :iconjedeye459:jedeye459 302 135 More Fun Than Tekken by sevenflow More Fun Than Tekken :iconsevenflow:sevenflow 3,023 774 Birth of A Robot by verion Birth of A Robot :iconverion:verion 690 195 Beyond The Grace Of God by vilestyle Beyond The Grace Of God :iconvilestyle:vilestyle 2,659 882 Magnifilite by anniex0r Magnifilite :iconanniex0r:anniex0r 1,864 644 Fragile by neeta Fragile :iconneeta:neeta 4,853 1,713



Don Demonteverde
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Santa Barbara
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Favourite style of art: Photo Shop & Maya
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MP3 player of choice: Winamp
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Wallpaper of choice: Anime and Digital Art
Skin of choice: hehehe
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegal (Spikeoro)
Personal Quote: I'd rather be with you watching the earth crash to the depths of hell, than being in heaven with out
I guess I'm back.. yeah.. I am... wait.. well... no I'm not.


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What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire deviant life, that there's something wrong with the story. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. Your browser closes and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I offer only the truth, nothing more.

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